Health benefits of attending a concert

Music truly speaks where words fail. If you are a music fanatic, you know how a concert can rejuvenate your soul. In addition, seeing your favorite artist live is both exciting and exhilarating, you get a chance to escape reality. There are more reasons why attending a concert is good for you; in case you are debating on whether to purchase a ticket to an upcoming concert.


Pain Relief

Research carried out on a few surgery patients, listening to music has analgesic benefits. The Same case applies to concert attendees, while excited about a concert; the brain releases hormones like neurotransmitters that relieve pain. A person’s threshold for pain increases as they listen to music.

Form Of Exercise

ZXCZXCZXCMost of the concerts that you attend involve a lot of vigorous activities such as shouting and standing which will help you burn a high amount of calories. Additionally, you will burn more calories if you are the hyperactive type that dances along to tunes of steilberg strings. It may not be a guarantee that you will actually lose weight but it is certainly better than lying on the couch all evening. Even walking to the venue is a form of exercise. Moreover, your heart rate will keep going as you enjoy the show. The only way you can truly know that you have been to a good concert is if you have trouble walking the following day.

Stress Reduction

Everyone needs a little motivation to boost his or her spirit after a week of hard work. Singing raises oxytocin levels leaving one energized. According to psychologists, cortisol, a stress hormone drops significantly when you attend a concert. This brings about reduced blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate. It is common to experience a lightness of the spirit days after attending a concert. Moreover, savoring these memories provides great memories; therefore, leaving one feeling extra for a couple of weeks.

Increases Self Esteem

Concert experiences are unforgettable; you get to interact with your favorite celebrity during the show. This is actually an accomplishment to most people. The waves create a beautiful atmosphere that will leave you feeling alive.


In conclusion, live music tends to change your outlook on life. Regardless of the number of times you have seen the artist perform, concerts provide rejuvenation. Attending concerts should be on everyone’s bucket list. In addition to gaining all these health benefits, you will also make it interact with other people creating lifelong friendships. Although the night will be a blur, the little things that made the night great will be hard to forget. Nothing can be compared to listening to your favorite band perform live.…

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